Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Green Earth Farms 

Presentation 10:30-11:00 with a 15 minute Q&A

Tom McCracken was a founding member of the Colorado Organic Producers Association, which lobbied for the establishment of a Colorado Organic Certification program.

Elderberry from green earth farmsHe served as a member of the Saguache County Weed Board.  In alliance with other farmers and ranchers he lobbied the state legislature on behalf of Surface Water Right holders, challenging the state’s attempt to take private property rights without due compensation.

Tom will be discussing the efforts by the Sub-Districts to recover the aquifer, effects of the Closed Basin Project, and impacts on surface water users.


Miss Penn’s Mountain Seeds & Smart Greenhouse LLC

Presentation 11:30-12:00 with a 15 minute Q&A

Miss Penn’s Mountain Seeds is a small, high-altitude, bio-regional seed company  Penn Mt Seeds Pictureservicing the mountain people.  Penn is a tomato specialist and offers over 200 varieties of adapting tomatoes – the Holy Grail of the mountains.  She also offers around 50 native wildflowers along with a mix of garden flowers, herbs and wild foods.

Penn will be discussing growing food in the mountains. Topics include seed adaptation, night-time covers, soil building, combining techniques, sustainable greenhouses, seed starting, composting, integrated pest management and more. The Rockies can grow food – so can you!


SAVE Salida Seed Library


Presentation 12:30-12:45 with a 15 minute Q&A

Hannah Van, Wendy Weiner and Lesia Hust are the founders of SAVE.

They will be discussing the importance of seed libraries and how the SAVE Salida Seed Library began, as well as ways to get one started in your community.




Valley Educational Garden Initiative, VEGI 

Presentation 1:10-1:30 with a 15 minute Q&A

Vegi Logo

Autumn Setzler is program director of  this educational La Puente offshoot.

Autumn’s presentation will include information about who VEGI is, what VEGI’s role is in the San Luis Valley, and why organizations like VEGI are crucial in creating an equitable and just food system.



Suzanne Rougé, Hummingbird Horizons

Presentation 2:00-2:30 with a 15 minute Q&A

Suzanne Rougé B.ED. is an educator, Steve Allin certified hemp builder, artist, writer and hemp advocate.

Suzanne Rouge Picture


Suzanne will discuss the Hemp Biomass Bridge.
Learn how to connect the dots between cannabis as medicine, food and products. Suzanne will discuss how to build a bridge that connects growers with a myriad of markets for hemp biomass.



Chris Ivers, Rio Grand Water Conservation District

Presentation 3:00-3:15 with a 15 minute Q&A

Chris is the program manager of the Rio Grand Water Conservation District. He will be discussing the aquifer levels in the groundwater subdistricts.

Rio Grande Water Conservation District


Kurt Jones, CSU Extension Office

Presentation 3:30-3:45 with a 15 minute Q&A

Kurt Headshot


Chaffee County Director of 4-H, Natural Resources, and, Agriculture

Kurt will be discussing pollinator gardens. Check out this talk to learn tips and tricks and plant suggestions for supporting native and introducing pollinators in our mountain valleys.



This is the final line up of our speakers. If anything changes this is where to find out!


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