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The San Luis Valley Seed Exchange is an annual event that connects gardeners, farmers and seed producers with each other and the community.

The 9th Annual SLV Seed Exchange is “GROWING!”

This year, in addition to vegetable, herb and flower seeds, the 2019 Seed Exchange will include hemp seed, clones and products (Hemp means below 0.3% THC).

What you need to know about the 2019 event:

  • Dates:
    • Saturday, February 9 from 10am – 4pm
    • Sunday, February 10 from 10am – 2pm
  • Location: Event will take place indoors at the Joyful Journey Event Center in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado.
  • Entry will be free to the public
  • 15 spaces available
  • Booth size: 6 x 5
  • A 6 foot table and two chairs are included in the booth fee
  • Set-up starting at 8am Saturday
  • Take-down by Sunday, 3pm
  • Register by February 1, 2019

Regular Seed Vendors

2019 Seed Exchange Vegetable Vendor Form

  • Booth fee: $10
  • Bring clearly labeled seeds, bulbs, cuttings or clones.

For more information, call Cherie or Charmaine at Joyful Journey 719.256.4329

Hemp Vendors

2019 Seed Exchange Hemp Vendor Form

  • Nothing over 0.3% THC. We wish to take steps to eliminate the possibilities that any hemp product is misrepresented (intentionally or accidentally), thus, no “hot” hemp – over 0.3% THC. Each seller must prove it is hemp with COA for each strain of dry flower for sale.
  • Booth fee: $100 + a negotiable quantity of seed or clones
  • Hemp related products are welcome to vend (clothing, oils, supplements, flower, etc). To sell CBD hemp products, the product must be properly registered with the State of Colorado. No production permit is required for non-medicinal hemp products, but you still must register with Joyful Journey as a vendor.
  • Any vendor selling, exchanging or giving hemp seeds or clones must be registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture Hemp Program, or other state equivalent, and need to include a copy of that documentation with their registration for this event.
  • Each variety of hemp flower must be accompanied by a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) showing CBD & THC levels.
  • Also to insure chain of custody on dry flower, sellers of dry flower must have COA . Sellers do not have to be producers, but must have documentation –  chain of custody
  • A hemp permit is required for sellers of seeds, clones, and seedlings. 
  • Dry flower must have production farm license # / location. Also to ensure chain of custody on dry flower, sellers of dry flower must have COA. Sellers do not have to be producers, but must have documentation: chain of custody.
  • For the customer, it is in the sellers’ best interest to have COA on last year’s grow out of seed/clones /seedlings for sale, but seed and live plants need not have COA. these products must have proper farm permit for event application and on display on a sale table.

For more information, call Bob Pedersen of Beyond Organica – 719.458.0548

If you would like to vend, please complete and return the appropriate form,
with your payment by February 1st, 2019 to:
Manager, JJHS
28640 CR 58 EE
Moffat, CO 81143

Promo Your Product or Service

All vendors will have the opportunity to give a quick, 5 to 10 minute demo / talk about their business or product, for an additional $15.00. Please include the promotional fee in your registration.

Consider Becoming a Sponsor

Ask us how you can become a sponsor and receive additional advertising benefits. Information is available at our sponsorship page.

Hemp Vendors – For an additional $100, you can become both a vendor and Garden-level sponsor (reg. $200).


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