The 10th Annual
San Luis Valley Seed Exchange will be held at
Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa.

The San Luis Valley Seed Exchange is an annual event that connects gardeners, farmers, seed producers and collectors, with each other and the community. The 10th Annual Seed Exchange will bring our community together over local food, sustainable agriculture, high-altitude seeds and gardening, herbalism, and garden maintenance. Community members from all over the valley gather at Joyful Journey to exchange and share their knowledge and experience in our unique San Luis Valley.

The SLV Seed Exchange donates all proceeds to non-profit organizations that are committed to sustainability and education. Previous years this has gone to both the Mountain Valley Community Garden and the Moffat School Greenhouse project.

While we are happy to incorporate the hemp and CBD industries into our discussion, especially when it comes to sustainable preservation of the valley. However, to build a sustainable community, we must focus on diversifying and educating the community on all aspects of local agriculture, including permaculture, building soil and vegetable gardening.  The valley is rich in agriculture, homesteading and rural development and the purpose of the San Luis Valley Seed Exchange is to promote these aspects rather than the booming hemp/CBD industry.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or sponsor, please contact Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa at (719) 256-4328.

We look forward to seeing you there!
















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